Why Should I do On-page SEO?

SEO stands for Search English Optimization. It is simply a technique to implemented on the webpages' file (the html files or php) to make them more readable and comprehendible for search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Are html syntaxes not good enough? They are simply the foundation for putting together the content, but what decides whether the content is browse-worthy is the content itself. A good website should carry relevant information to what the user is looking for. therefore, we can say SEO is a method of giving the browser a summary of the website. Like what category does it fall in? what keywords should users search for if they want to find your website? Do you offer a service or is your website just for information? breaking down what the entire is about into some phrases and keywords and feeding them to places such as meta tags or alt tags of images. there are numerous factors that helps search engines to understand the role of website and show them as relevant result to users.

Search engines such as Google, determine how these techniques should be applied. Every now and then search engines announce new techniques that needs to be applied to your website even though if you have done SEO before. Think of it like an update that needs to be done in order to keep your place in search result. There are many who try to trick search engines into making them believe that their content is worthy. This is called Black-Hat SEO and the result are usually being unindexed from search engines. As result you simply have to find another domain name, or submit a hearing to Google to prove them that you did not do that which will usually not end well for the website owner. Standards of Google and other search engines are quite straight forward with a little bit of effort and research you make your website valuable to search engines. having a good content is a key but it is not everything. We at http://webdesign4biz.com/ thrive to bring the best quality of work when it comes to marketing a website and SEO.

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