Marketing & SEO

After the design process and your review (which by the way you have a free one-year full support to submit revision and updates,) there is the subject of finding audience, bringing traffic to your website, or better say, marketing your website. Once you build a website on new domain name, you basically have opened a store in middle of nowhere with no audience. Search engines (google and yahoo) haven't indexed you and your site will not be found. Your website must have specific parameters to be found on search engines. We make sure you constantly get those parameters updated. Since search engines change their parameters periodically, you will be in need of a developer to constantly apply those changes to your website. Our team will work with you to get those goals one by one when you purchase one of our marketing packages.

Mobile Website

A responsive design is one that allows elements of the website to snaps to the size of the screen size, which takes off the burden of scrolling to left and right and zooming to see the content. All elements fall on top of each other with visible and readable sizes. A shift from the traditional styles to responsive design makes websites look like native applications on devices such as iPads and iPhones which as result is easier to read and interact with. Big search engines such as google and yahoo requires their first result-pages' websites to be responsive. Meaning if you are spending a lot of money on your website and your site is not responsive, don't expect to see yourself on first pages organically. Our team will assure your website is in line with all rules of search engines for better traffic and more audience. So don't wait and go responsive today!

Graphic Design

A team dedicated to creating original contents and astonishing elements to represent different aspect of your business. All team members have extensive knowledge and creativity when it comes to building the website content. In each project, we create something newer and better than all of your competitors.

Social Media

Marketing is not only about search engines. You can get tons of traffic from social media accounts. A well-managed social account can bring tons of cash into your pocket. Social Medias, such as Facebook and Instagram are not only for posting picture of your coffee and selfies, but they can be used as powerful tools to bring income to your business. So allow us to introduce our skills on social media to you, to make you and your business delightful.

Website Content

Do you have a store? selling product from home? do you want to have a original photos from your products rather than using google images? or perhaps a team photo from employees and the office? All that is possible with our professional photographers who will commute to your location if needed to take those shots and make it ready for your website. Photos are carefully taken and edited in photoshop and other editing tools to make sure your website has no copy-paste content.

What about support and maintenance?

When you have us do a website or a marketing solution, we will give you one year full-support (email and phone support) to hear all your needs, updates, concerns. So Don't wait anymore, all you need to present yourself online is here at Web Design 4 Biz.

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